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Fourth Degree

The Order of the Fourth Degree was established in 1900 for members to publicly acknowledge their willingness and commitment to protect the church and priesthood, defend the faith, and stand up against bigotry. The ceremonial sword is worn in church to show reverence for the Eucharist and respect for the bishop or hierarchy. In some liturgies the sword is raised at the “Consecration” or the “Great Amen” in a salute of reverence, love, praise and honor to Christ our Divine King. The presence of the sword adds to the beauty and pageantry of our liturgies.



   Deacon George Nugent attended a special 4th degree exemplification on Feb,17,2014 for Priests, Deacons, and Seminarian at HOLY FAMILY in Mendota Heights.
In 2012, Msgr. Meagher Assembly was made up of 5 or 6 parishes. We are proud to say that of the 13 Officers, 5 were  from All Saints.  George Mahowald (Faithful Scribe), Al Douglass (Faithful Pursor), Robert Doll (Faithful Navigator), Pat Nelson (Faithful Pilot), Mike Annoni (Faithful Trustee) Congratulations to Robert Doll who was installed as the Faithful Navigator of the Msgr. Meagher Assembly on July 18, 2012
Alex Jarboe Allan Douglass

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